No problem.

If you don't have anyone to sign up with, you can go ahead and sign up as yourself.  We will put you with others who do not have a team at a table.  

It is a great way to meet new people and have fun.



Hello!  You are here now, meaning you want to sign up to play Sixgofour and here is your chance to get you and your teammates a spot reserved.   Please read and follow rules carefully.    We are only taking on 20 Teams at this moment.   But we accept single players if there is no team.

We will have 4 Sixgofour Mentors who will observe the tables.


You and your teammates must show up at 10 AM SHARP

Must have 4 people per team.

Early Bird is  $15 dollar per person.

You must be 18 or older.
Your Application must be filled up on every line.

Your Application fee must be paid in full.   The fee is non-refundable. 

Everyone else who is not on the team is not welcome in the game area.  They have to stay behind the ropes.

We will provide the equipments for the game. 


SIXGOFOUR APPLICATION ONLINE EARLY BIRD ($15 per person).  Total of $60.


Your ticket covers admission of the day time only, you will get free 1 meal and 1 drink during the day 


Application begins right now. Please plan accordingly.

How we play this game

There will be a group of 4 people per table. 

Each player will be dealt with 13 cards. 

You will put all of your cards in its own suit

The Caller will draw a number of cards to pull up. 

When the Caller pulls up a card that you have on your deck, you pull the card out of its spot and turn it face down.  
Each card must match to the board in a row. 

Pay attention to the card calling.  

If your cards are all called out and the game has not passed to the next letter, you can stand up. 

We will have you come up to the stage and the Caller will review your card to the board.  Count the cards to be sure there are a total of 13 cards.  

When it is confirmed, you can select an envelope and sign your name on the front.  You can open the envelope to see what amount of $$ you won.  You will need to sign your name. 

If there are no winners for the first letter then we will move onto the next letter. 

Enjoy the game!

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